I’m a storyteller, pastor, community gardener, backyard chicken keeper and youth soccer coach. I’m married to Rebecca, am father to Maggie and Seth, and we live, love, work and play in the MLK neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky, where we are part of the Fig Tree Collective.

My first book, The Story of God, the Story of Us is an attempt to tell the ‘Big Story’ that unfolds in the pages of the bible. Churches, small groups, colleges and seminaries use it as an introduction to the bible – both for folk who’ve never read the bible, and those who’ve been reading it for years. It was one of Relevant magazine’s Top Ten books of 2010, and is available as an unabridged audiobook, read by my wife Rebecca and myself. My second book, TEN: Words of Life for an Addicted, Compulsive, Cynical, Divided and Worn-out Culture, was also published with IVP. I also contributed to Banned Questions About Christians.

I speak regularly at universities, churches, conferences and retreats about the Big Story the Bible is telling. I also enjoy talking about what the church has to learn from the recovery community. To find out what I might have to offer your community, click below:

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